a memory like some sweet cookie in a mountain church

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I visited a church last month, in May, that church is one of the

denominations of Assembly of God. This church is located in a moutain.

I met a man who was not comfortable with his finger, but he had a very

gracious face and shared his testimony with me about his life before

meeting Jesus Christ. He wanted to be a pastor like his dad. Besides,

he had good voice, when he praise a song in worship service in that

church. it was so amazing to me and all attendants.

His father, the pastor, was also very passionate for leading the worship service. When we worshiped to God, it was like we

were captured by the Holy Spirit. God was with us. After worshiping God, I asked church members about the pastor.

“Your pastor is always like that, as we saw in worship service, today? they said, “yes, our pastor often cried in worship service

while he preachs the words of God. we are so blessed people in this mountain.”

This church prays for rebuilding a new church near the old church, because this church is too small to gather whole

community to worship on Sunday. After I observed this church, in my mind there was some kind


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